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I have been research topics on search engine optimization (SEO) and read many good articles on “On Page” SEO, but I haven’t seen any great article on “Off Page” SEO. Most of them are generic and tell you that you need to blog, submit to directories and build back links.

I found this article about 7 ways SEO consultants rip off their clients by Bandt Dainow. It is an eye opener. I agree page ranking is important but not as important as you think. I have studied websites that have page 2 ranking and with less than 20 links and still showed up in the first page search results of Google.

I also like his 4th point about meaningless guarantees. Number 1 placement in 75 percent or so of the world’s major search engines.

If I am a business owner, I will hold off on spending thousands of dollars on “OFF page” SEO and focus on “On page” SEO, social media, and word of mouth marketing.