Most people read about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can increase traffic to your site by improving your ranking on major search engines. But not everyone understands if SEO done incorrectly, it can damage your website ranking. I received emails regularly from so called webmasters want to exchange links with my company or SEO consultants ask me to pay anywhere from $20.00 to $200.00 and submit my site to 50 to 3000 directories. So I did some research write this article and hopefully it can benefit you.

1. Submit to Massive Directories

From the late 1990’s till mid 2000, directories were useful and valuable. After Google search become popular, many web directories are hastily put together and use as outposts for spam. But that is not SEO. In June 2010, Google launched “Caffeine” and increased their ability to crawl and index the web. It also made directories submission business obsolete. Interest to know more, read the confession of a web directory owner.

2. Participate in Link Exchange Schemes

Avoid links to web spammers, build web pages exclusively for backlinks purpose, and excessive reciprocal links. This might negatively impact your site ranking and violate Google Webmaster Guidelines.

3. Overuse of Flash

A Flash driven website can’t be crawl by Google bots and it doesn’t rank well on Google. A Flash animation embed in a html website can make a website more interesting and not have negative impact on SEO.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is writing content for search engines and not for human to read. The content ends up being repetitive and adds little value to reader.

Below is an example of keyword stuffing on gourmet baskets:
If you’re looking for gourmet baskets, you’ve come to the right place. We have 15 years of experience creating the best gourmet baskets. You won’t find better place to shop for gourmet baskets. We invite you to check out our great selection of gourmet baskets filled with fresh fruits, cheese, crackers, nuts, and chocolates.

5. Avoid Splash Page

Splash page is the intro page that designed to impress users. It was popular in the early 2000 and is out of favor. The users come to the website looking for information, but they are detained from entering your site until the animation is done. Even if users don’t mind the wait, Splash Page ranks low with search engines.


1.  Ask for a Favor

Ask your friends, families, and business colleagues to “Like” you. Typically, 20-30% of them will “Like” you.

2. Join a LinkedIn or Biznik Group

Go to LinkedIn or Biznik and join a group that you have something in common. Create a post and ask people to “Like” your page and reciprocate by liking their pages.

3. Run a Promotion

If you have existing clients, you can run a promotion to encourage them to “Like” you. Redbox offers a free one-night rental for anyone who “Like” its page. It is a huge success and currently it has 3 million fans. If you are in the service industry, you can offer gift certificates as rewards.

After you get 25 fans, you can request a unique name for your page by visiting

I have been research topics on search engine optimization (SEO) and read many good articles on “On Page” SEO, but I haven’t seen any great article on “Off Page” SEO. Most of them are generic and tell you that you need to blog, submit to directories and build back links.

I found this article about 7 ways SEO consultants rip off their clients by Bandt Dainow. It is an eye opener. I agree page ranking is important but not as important as you think. I have studied websites that have page 2 ranking and with less than 20 links and still showed up in the first page search results of Google.

I also like his 4th point about meaningless guarantees. Number 1 placement in 75 percent or so of the world’s major search engines.

If I am a business owner, I will hold off on spending thousands of dollars on “OFF page” SEO and focus on “On page” SEO, social media, and word of mouth marketing.

Last summer my husband and I took a Northern European cruise and had a wonderful experience. Helsinki, Finland was one of the places that we visited.

Helsinki was founded in 1550 by the Swedish King Gustav I. It became the center of influence and capital of Finland under Russian Tsar Alexander. I will share some of my favorite spots with you.

Helsinki Cathedral

You can see bus load of people going inside. The admission is Free.

The Sibelius Monument

Jean Sibelius is Finland’s most important composer. The monument was created to honor him. It is located in the Sibelius Park (Sibeliuspuisto) and it is a great place to relax and unwind.

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

You can catch a ferry to get there and you need a minimum 4 hours to enjoy it. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are walls, cannons, tunnels, a submarine, museums, cafés, and restaurants.